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    OSHA has mandated that
    all crane operators
    must be certified by a
    Nationally Accredited Agency.

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You need a nationally recognized certification!

Crane Training Group has developed a program that prepares crane operators to complete the Nationally Accredited, OSHA Recognized CIC Mobile Crane Operator Certification Program. When you complete our program, you will understand the principles of crane operation and crane safety. We offer hands on training including load chart interpretation, OSHA/ASME review and the CIC Practical Exam. Employers can’t afford to have crane operators that do not meet the new OSHA certification standards.

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  • Having a professional training team come to our sites all over the United States is a service we couldn't live without.
    Irby Construction
  • The classroom subject matter was easy to understand and held my attention the entire time.
  • If it wasn't for the weekend classes we could never have maintained our production schedules.
    Fullen Dock Service


   Who needs to be certified?

Any person engaged in a construction activity who is operating a crane covered by the new cranes and derricks rule, except those operating equipment with capacity of 2,000 pounds or less.

   Are operators of digger derricks required to be certified?

Yes, unless the digger derrick is being used to auger holes for poles carrying electric or telecommunication lines, place or remove the poles, or handle associated materials to be installed on or removed from the poles.

   What is in the testing for certification?

Certification has two parts:

A) Written examinations that include safe operating procedures for the particular type and size being tested and comprehensive understanding of the load charts.

B) A practical (field) exam showing the applicant has the skills needed to safely operate the equipment...Including the ability to hold and control the load.

   What are the requirements for applying for certification?
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be able to pass a DOT physical exam
  • Must be able to read and understand the Operators Manual and Load Charts
  • Must be able to pass written exams and to do load chart calculations
  • Must be able to pass a Field (Practical) Examination
   What kind of training is required BEFORE taking the Certification exams?

No training is “required” for a candidate to take the exams. We've found that even experienced operators need time in the classroom. We highly recommend our three day program. The program includes the general knowledge and load calculations. Additionally we cover signaling and basic rigging

   Is the CIC Certification accepted all over the United States?

YES. Additionally the CIC certification has been accepted in British Columbia Canada and will be accepted in all of the other provinces of Canada by 2015.

   Is the CIC certification transportable from employer to employer?

YES. Certification by an accredited organization such as the CIC is portable. Certification by an audited employer program or the US military is not, however.

   How much does it cost?

Cost varies. Type and size of cranes, location and number of candidates all factor into total cost. If you are serious about having the best program in the country, simply give us a call.

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